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Subway Diet

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Jennifer Cooper claims she lost over 100 pounds on the Subway diet.

Spurred on by Subway commercial-man Jared Fogle, Cooper embarked on a daily ritual of Subway after trying out the weight loss drug Meridia:

[…] Cooper was a Subway-only gal. Monday through Friday the 29-year-old’s lunches included a six-inch sandwich of roast beef, ham and turkey on wheat bread, plus baked potato chips or pretzels and a soda. Mayonnaise and cheese were the big no-nos, but there was no limit on vegetables.

Reading this story carefully shows that Subway didn’t really have too much to do with it.

Cooper was on a low-calorie very-low-fat diet – and it happens that a 6-inch Subway sandwich (minus the mayo and cheese) is quite low fat.

Kudos to Jennifer Cooper for keeping the weight off, and learning what sort of portions are appropriate for her!

What is the Subway Diet?

The “Subway diet” is the casual term used to describe Jared Fogle‘s significant weight loss eating Subway sandwiches, but Subway does not officially endorse the diet plan; citing liability issues.

Jared is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and came to fame shortly after 1999 when a friend wrote about his weight loss in a local newspaper. Shortly after that Jared was put in touch with Subway’s advertising agency.

In 2000, Jared appeared in a Subway commercial and has been featured on and off ever since.

In 2010, he completed the New York City marathon as part of a promotion for Subway. He clocked in at 5 hours, 13 minutes, and 28 seconds. Jared finished 36,968 place out of 44,829 runners.

Jared’s Weight-Gain and Exit

In 2010, Jared admitted to gaining back weight, which was obscured by a heavy winter coat in one commercial, but he promptly jumped back on the Subway diet. Jared wanted to be slim for his upcoming wedding.

Subway recently cut all ties with Jared Fogle when he was arrested after an ongoing investigation into his involvement in producing and distributing prohibited material involving children as well as his inappropriate relationships with minors.

What is the Subway Diet?

There is no ‘official’ Subway diet. Most people refer to the diet that Jared Fogle used as he was losing weight. Much of it is hearsay and urban myth.

Here are two versions of the Subway Diet. The first meal plan is the most likely one.

Note that the sandwiches were served with no mayonnaise, and no cheese.

Subway Diet Version 1

Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Black coffee with sweetener.
Lunch: Turkey Subway Sandwich. Diet Pepsi.
Dinner: Vegetarian Subway Sandwich. Water.
Snacks: Apple, orange, water.

Version 2

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: A 6 inch Turkey Sub + potato chips (baked)
Dinner: A 12 inch veggie Sub

Can you lose weight on a Fast Food Diet?

The answer is yes – provided good choices are made. Jared Fogle was simply following a low-calorie diet. However some fast food vendors offer little in the way of “healthy” choices.

Subway is certainly a good choice if choosing to eat takeaway food, but just make sure to choose your sub wisely, load up on the veggies, and take caution when choosing the dressings and condiments.

The Subway diet helps you practice portion control and this is a key factor of successful weight loss.

Jared the Subway Guy is available on Amazon.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: January 18, 2018

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